Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's been a couple of days.

Once again I just finished going thru all of the wonderful blogs out there.  I love seeing the pictures, and all the quilts people have made.  But I haven't found any time to play with the blog other than to write a couple of stories.  I finally figured out that pictures are easy to post also.  Here is one of the tops that I have made quite a few years ago, and of which a portion is part of my profile picture.

A sampler done up in purples and greens

This was a class that I took years ago, and for me it was a chance to work with some colours I am not too fond off.  I really don't like green, but it worked with the purple.  Some of the blocks have the markings on them already for quilting, just haven't gotten around to it yet.   The back of this quilt is totally pieced together also, with all the leftover fabrics from the front.  One of these days I will take quilting up again, but for the last couple of years my main sewing has been for alterations, and fixings. 

This week has been a crazy one.  With the warm weather we've been having lately, all our plants in the greenhouse grew faster than expected.  I ended up transplanting already a couple of days this week, and will do some more later this week.  We are even looking at opening the greenhouse for retail earlier this year also.  Here is a sneek peak at last years flowers .  I took most of the pictures and with help of a friend put the website together.  Hope you have fun looking.  I have to change some things on it pretty soon, and put up new pictures again. 

This is all for now.  Happy reading, and keep sewing!

Maria K