Monday, January 14, 2013

Worthy words!


Thanks for visiting my blog today.  It is my turn to give you an idea how I've used the words that really affect me and mean a lot to me.  Thanks to Linda  (   and Mdm Samm  (     for organizing this blog hop.  Once you're done reading mine, don't forget to visit all these people who have written about their words today:

Monday, January 14

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A couple of years ago, our children Sunday School organizer asked me to make some banners that had the words on them that they were going to study that year.  She gave me the list of words, and had already printed them out using different alphabet fonds from the computer.   My daughter and I copied them letter for letter onto fabric, ironed fusible web under all the letters, and then ironed them on big wall hangings.  I sewed around each letter individually, and ended up trying out all kinds of different stitches throughout the piece. 

Sunday School Wallhanging  (1)

This first one was done on a piece of material 9 feet (Yes, 3 Meters) by 8 feet.  In the beginning I was hesitant to use different colour thread on each word, and matched it quite well with the colour of the word.  See the word Uniqueness?  We are all unique, and no one is like us.  First it was hard fitting all these words on, but eventually it all worked out.  The words all had to do with a study per month of virtues of what we should strive to live for.  I was really pleased with this one. 

Then came the next year, and another set of virtues.  And another wallhanging was requested.  Here are a few  pictures of that one:

Wallhanging # 2 (top)

Wallhanging # 2 (bottom)

The M from determination
This second one was 9 feet by 9 feet.  I had to use quite a few long words in order to make this one, and a lot of the words used on the wallhanging needed my resourcefulness!  Generosity was spread out to be generous, and gratitude was expressed once this one was done.  I again used colour on colour, matching thread and letter colour, except for the word determination.  The background is a fairly dark colour, and would I have used purple (the colour for determination) it would not have been visible.  Thus I outlined in yellow.  This gave me something to think about. 

And when the third year came along, this is the result:

Top half of wallhanging # 3

Bottom half of wallhanging # 3
This one I really used my creativitiy. See how the words curve and are all over the place? It was done so deliberately. And I serviced our church by making this one, used individuality to make each word their own, and needed a lot of cooperation from my family in making this one come to pass. I was given the responsibility to make it on time, and I had to use a lot of discipline to finish it. Here are a couple more pictures, showcasing how each word got it's own indidvidual stitch:

 I was proud of my work, and I actually can see all my words again every Sunday.  All three wallhangings are now hanging up in our Sunday School room. 
Hope you enjoyed my pictures and explanations!

Happy reading, and keep on quilting!
Maria K