Friday, January 4, 2013

Canadian Traveling Stash Box!

Yes, you are reading that right.  A couple of us ladies here in Canada got jealous of the travelling stash box in the United States, and decided that we would set up our own box.  Linda Legros was cleaning up some of her stash, and send that box to me to get it started.  I've had it in my hands for a while now, but need to really write this blog so we can pass it on.  I have taken out some of the material I really liked, and I've added some things also. 

Just a question to the bloggers out there:  Do I have to make a picasa web album first before I can upload pics?  This is driving me nuts.  I don't want all my pics all over.....  I would gladly hear some advise on this. 

Once I figure this out, I will put pics with this post.

Not a happy camper right now....

I've calmed down a little.  I guess I will have to upload pics to a picasa web album in order to be able to post them here.  Well, here goes:

This is a good overview of what was in the box.
This is what I took out of the box...


                                    This is being added into the mix.
This box has fq's galore, and a couple of good yardages.  I took out a package of black and white strips as I really want to make a quilt in these colours, and have started to collect them the last couple of months.  I also took out some fq's.  I added some yardages of material, some more fq's, and a couple of other things.  
This box is up for grabs.  If you want it, leave me a comment and on Jan 11 I will pick a name from the people who are interested in this stash.  There are a lot of quilter's goodies in here, and I added a couple of sewing patterns to the mix as well.  You need to realize that to send it anywhere in Canada it is going to cost you about $20.00, and you must be willing to send it on after taking some and adding some from your own stash.   Keep it clean, and hopefully, keep it moving also!

Maria K