Sunday, April 15, 2012


The other day I was working in the greenhouse and I had a not so fun job to do.  Try picking up a beautiful basket full of flowers, and having to take them plus upcoming buds out.  Actually it's not such a bad job:  The plant will grow bigger and will get more flowers in a couple of days.  Our season to sell here in Ontario, Canada is basically beginning of May till mid June.  That is when we close up again for another year.  I was picking away those buds and flowers and thought I needed my camera to take some close ups of them.  Will do that tomorrow.  But some of those buds looked like rosebuds.  Really pretty to see on the plant.  The plants I was cleaning up was a Sunshine Impatiens.  It's a fairly hardy plant.  Probably perfect for me too.  I always tell people that I can kill plants faster than my husband can grow them.   And it's actually true.  I totally forget to water my plants.  Sometimes for months on end, and then I have the task of throwing plants out.  But these Sunshine Impatiens when they are dry and then watered again, will come back.  Most of the time looking just as good as the day before.  I will try to put quite a few pics of them on the blog tomorrow night, as I really like those flowers.  Did you know that if you take the blooms of any flower that you plant in your garden, those flowers will establish roots first again before flowering?  It's true.  But not a lot of people want to plant flowers and then have no colour in their gardens.  I come originally from Holland, and it's a fairly common practice there to sell plants without flowers.  If we try that here, we won't get any sales! 
A smaller basket, not yet ready to sell
A basket ready to sell
Aren't these beauties?  I love walking in the greenhouses at this time of the year and see the progress made on a weekly basis.  More colour, more varieties ready to sell, and bigger plants.  Not many people can have this around them on a daily basis!  While it does get hectic, and not much of my sewing gets done, it's a time when the whole family pitches in and does the work with us.  We are tired of the long hours at the end of the spring season, but it is our bread and butter.

Hope to post some more pics tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Maria K