Saturday, April 21, 2012

As promised: Eye candy

Here are some of the pictures I took of the flowers I was cleaning the other day.

Some of the full of colour baskets

And some more colours

These are all on empty pots on the floor, and watered with a spaghetti system
Some more hanging up in a different greenhouse

Close up of some of the flowers.  Don't you just love the 'pearl' in the middle?

Another colour
These little starts looked like rosebuds opening to me
Doesn't this look like a rosebud?!

The plant after I was done cleaning it
The plant 2 or 3 days after cleaning
The plant about a week after cleaning. All the flowers and buds are back!

This job took me 2 weeks to complete!  By the time I reached the last row, there were so many more flowers and buds on there, that it took me longer to clean a plant every day!  But now we're just going to let them grow, and will sell them in a couple of weeks.  Here's to hoping to good weather coming up in May!

Happy sewing!  (I've been doing alterations this week, and have no pictures to show for that), and happy reading!

Maria K


Sam said...

Oh what beautiful flowers! It seems like you have quite the green thumb. I wish we had flowers up here, but alas the snow just melted. What is a spaghetti system?

Maria Kievit said...

It's my husband who's got the green thumb. I can kill plants and flowers faster than he can grow them, due to no watering...
Spaghetti system is a complex maze of hose and wire to automatically water all the plants at the same time.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Maria, thanks for the pictures, the flowers do look beautiful! They just scream SPRING! Hope you can sell them all!:)

Maria Kievit said...

Most of this will get sold wholesale, in Toronto, and some of it will get sold right at the greenhouse itself. We love having people come in and buy their plants at our place! It's a good combination.

Kathy said...

Love the eye candy:) I also love to sew and crafty and would love for you to join me on my blog that I just started. I'm having a give away Wed. of a Tooth Fairy Pillow I made.

tiny said...

What a beautiful flowers!!!Wen I se that I hope it must be spring soon, in the Netherlands it is still cold. Hugs Tiny. I follow your blog now.

Maria Kievit said...

Thanks! We usually sell the plants between May 1st and June 15th or so, and then this season is over. Today we're getting s.n.o.w. :( No accumulation, just wet snow, but it's not too hot here either....

Michele Bilyeu said...

Welcome to blogging, thanks for becoming a follower and the best of luck to you in the drawing and give away on my blog! And...truly gorgeous flowers in the nursery!

Maria Kievit said...

Thanks! Love being in there in the spring time. All the colours, and all the plants are so fresh!