Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some quilt tops

I have been blogging the last couple of times about the greenhouse business, just because it is what I was doing the last couple of weeks, but I also have a few pictures on my computer from quilt tops that I've made.  I am finding it hard to finish my quilts with the alterations business I have besides the greenhouse business, and I am just waiting on a time that I can pull them out of my cupboards and finish some of them.  I am working presently on a little Christmas table runner that was completely handsewn, and am now in the process of handquilting.  I don't have any pics from that, but will correct that soon.  Here are a couple of the tops that are begging to be finished.  Might have to take some lessons in machine quilting, or long arm quilting at a local quilting store, just to get them done. 

This is my double wedding ring done during a quilting course.  Didn't realize that the light to dark in the circles would turn out this way till after I took a picture and someone who saw it mentioned the side effect of the loops crossing thru. But it has a nice effect, don't you think?

Also made during a course.  Just couldn't resist this pattern once I saw it in the store.  Done in various shaded of yellow, with accents of blue.

The Hunter star.  Am doing this one in two colours only, and I don't even have the blocks totally sewn together yet.

This is the biggest one that I have finished at least the top from.  Once I started working on the colours, I didn't like the background pink, but I persevered.

These are some of the tops that beg my attention after reading all the blogs over the last couple of months.  One of these days I can make my UFO's into quilts. 

A friend and I spend all of Saturday at a show in Toronto. (The Creativ Festival)  We had a blast going thru and seeing all that is out there.  We even sat in on some seminars, and learned lots of different techniques, and ideas.  Hopefully we can take the time to go again in the fall, when they're having another show.  I of course forgot my camera, and wished I brought it to take some pics to show you.  But all in all it was a fun day.   

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!

Maria K


Cherie said...

It is the worst when you forget the camera! Hope to see those quilt tops turned into finished quilts soon =D

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful work and you'll get time to work on these projects at some point!

Maria Kievit said...

Yes, there is a time and season for everything. The last 6-8 wks it's been the greenhouse business, but am getting back in my sewing room this week. Not yet for the quilts, but hopefully soon. Thanks for the comment!

Danel said...

Hi, I've been looking for inspiration for a double wedding ring quilt for my son and daughter in law. I just LOVE the woven look of the blue one. Mind if I pinch the idea? I hope you have ticked it off your UFO list...